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Fronted by one of punk’s coolest DIY maniacs, Mr. Raul Landeros, DESTRUCTION MADE SIMPLE got home from the 2003 Van's Warped Tour, and didn't slow down for one second. They got right back on the road with their friends The Unseen, Avenged Sevenfold, Sick Of It All, and Western Waste. DESTRUCTION MADE SIMPLE has been labeled "the hardest working band in punk rock" by members of BAD RELIGION, but after hearing their new CD this phrase absolutely needs to be amended to "the hardest working and ROCKING band in punk rock!" Their musical assault has already taken them across the continent, sharing stages with the likes of Anti-Flag, Leftover Crack, and The Eyeliners, ultimately dropping them smack dab in the middle of the 2002 Vans Warped Tour. Pretty impressive for a 2 year old band! 


ENDLESS STRUGGLE is back together again after a short hiatus, playing some shows and planning to release some new material. Check out our audio store for tracks from "Till The End" in the meantime.


INCOMMUNICADO's "Losing Daylight," marks the band's first full length. The lessons and experience of two generations in underground music integrate seamlessly into each of the twelve tracks, adamantly refusing to indulge in recycled punk riffs or pretentious guitar wankering. "Losing Daylight" charges from foundation-shaking anger to heartfelt empathy without worrying about allegiances to genres like post-punk or hardcore.

Clocking in under 30 minutes, the album mirrors what Incommunicado brings to the stage every night they play: the tireless energy, passionate honesty, and severe disdain for half-hearted filler that continues to define their niche in a crowded east coast scene. The only thing that changes faster than their set lists and time signatures is the oil in their van, and they don't plan on slowing down any time soon.


From beneath the streets of Brooklyn, New York comes INHUMAN. Founded in the summer of 1995 by vocalist Michael Scondotto, INHUMAN are among the last remaining true Hardcore bands from NYC. Combining the sounds of the late 80's NYHC scene with Punk Rock and Metal, to create a new hybrid of dark, aggressive and sometimes melodic music. No strangers to the Hardcore/Punk underground, INHUMAN have released 2 full length cds, 3 7"eps and have appeared on countless compilations over the years. It was in late 2002 that the band ended their near 3 year period of silence with the release of the critically acclaimed ep entitled "Black Reign" on the Belgian based Released Power Productions. In the spring of 2003, INHUMAN did their first ever tour of Europe to much success in support of this release.

With "The New Nightmare", INHUMAN have crafted their finest release to date. Produced by Dean Baltulonis (SICK OF IT ALL, MADBALL) and recorded at The Atomic Recording Co. in the bands hometown of Brooklyn NY. From the Hardcore assault of the opening track "Uprising", to the band's new anthem "Brooklyn Bastards", the melodic sounds of "Killing Me", the brutality of "Bloodlust" all the way to the haunting sounds of the closing instrumental "Nightmare", INHUMAN take the listener on an unsuspecting ride of dark Hardcore-Punk-Metal madness they won't soon forget.


Only a band of arresting importance could be regarded as the foundation of such mighty conquests as Strike Anywhere (Jade Tree and now Fat Wreck Chords), Ann Beretta (Lookout!), and River City High (Doghouse). But Inquisition, a band that remains highly influential in spite of their brief mid-90’s lifespan, is that important. According to Strike Anywhere’s Thomas Barnett (ex-Inquisition), the resonance of Inquisition remains a dear relative to the music he and his band mates are creating today. (In fact, Barnett’s band is named after an Inquisition song entitled Strike Anywhere.) And notably, all kinds of bands, from an assortment of scenes, have sighted Inquisition as a necessary inspiration for their songwriting: Hot Water Music, Ensign, Anti-Flag, Dashboard Confessional, Suicide Machines—among others.

Inquisition's reunion shows from Spring of 2007 have been documented in a new CD/DVD released by No Idea. We have copies for sale in our store, check it out!


ntro5pect's relentless energy, sing-along choruses, and rampant plundering of musical genres have been honed to an even sharper point since we last heard from them. Their unique combination of punk, electronic, and Super Mario-thrash has been translated into a high energy and raw live show.


MODEY LEMON are burning layer of brutal rock napalm spread on a slice of rhythm and blues, served without a knife or a fork. A working class, Telecaster assault marching in lock step to unchained, KEITH MOON chaos. PHIL BOYD hammering his guitar into a tight boogie, sending JIMMY PAGE riffs plunging into bottomless a bottomless, b-movie abyss, all the while, PAUL QUATTRONE laying waste to his drums. A hydrogen bomb set to a beat.

PITTSBURGH was the probably the only place to start. Boyd and Quattrone are as hard working and unaffected as they come. Both attended the University of Pittsburgh, but used the time to make plans and establish connections. No use for a degree that can’t deliver the future you want, and BOYD and QUATTRONE wanted to be in a band. Hungry and desperate in the summer of 1999, they set up camp on a Strip District sidewalk and played the blues in front of a closed fruit stand. There were moldy lemons on the ground. BOYD and QUATTRONE faked British accents. The rest is history.

WORD HIT the following summer that MODEY LEMON were the best band in town. Early shows were the stuff of legends, BOYD behaving like an animal, QUATTRONE hurling himself through doors he found in his basement. Tough bars like the 31st STREET PUB and GOOSKI’S became hubs for a punishing, back-to-basics music scene with MODEY LEMON at its core. When the Iron City Beer-fueled throngs couldn’t get enough live, the boys unleashed the "YOU BUG ME" single. A tour with Pittsburgh punks ANTI-FLAG brought the mayhem to the masses. It was only the beginning.


Chicago has been tops in churning out some of the best pop-laced, high octane punk rock bands for well over a decade. Since 1999, MUCH THE SAME have carried the torch of Windy City punk with their catchy hooks, assertive vocals, bold attitudes, and dynamic stage presences. MUCH THE SAME temper their precise songwriting talent and fresh, infectious melodies with plenty of oldschool power, creating a punk sound that intertwines traditional sensibilities with modern tendencies. Driven by their love of playing and their loyalty to their band and its music, MUCH THE SAME's potent work ethic has kept them on the road and in the clubs on a constant basis. Their shows have spanned the spectrum, from appearances in the most underground clubs to consecutive performances on The Warped tour.

Much The Same broke up in 2007 after their last release on Nitro.


NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD formed in Orlando, Florida, in 1999. Heavily influenced by early 80's hardcore, NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD wasted little time and released their first 7", "Weapons and Equipment of Counter Terrorism", by the end of '99. The following year, NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD released an 8-song demo which the band themselves manufactured and sold at shows. Six of these songs later saw the light of day on a split with Destination Daybreak. NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD continued to play shows whenever possible, slowly but steadily building their reputation in the punk underground. During ANTI-FLAG's "Mobilize" Tour, NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD was recommended to Anti-Flag by Thomas of Strike Anywhere as a band to look out for. After getting a copy of their self-released demo A-F Records immediately got in touch, and soon thereafter NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD was welcomed into the fold. NMDS moved on to Jade Tree, releasing their final CD/LP "Don't Believe" in 2006. They sadly called it a day after their final performance at The Fest 7 on Nov. 1, 2008.


We started Pipedown in the summer of 1997 in Grass Valley, CA. It initially consisted of myself, Jason Omundsen, and Josh White. Jason and I played guitar while Josh filled in on drums. After a month or so of working through various parts we found a bass player by the name of Shahn Riley. After about another month of playing the word got around that we were need of a singer, so our friend Adam Kline referred us to Ean Elliot, who had recently moved back to the area after living in Pismo Beach for a few years. This lineup worked on original material for a couple of months until Shahn left the band to pursue interests in school. We found another bass player named Jonah Nishihira, however after our short stint with him we found another bassist, Ryan Pfannenstein. After a year and a half of playing local shows and recording/distributing our first couple demos, Josh left the band and was replaced by our current drummer Jack Jeffries. During the summer of 2000 Ryan left the band and was replaced by Doug Wellmon. In January of 2001 we recorded our first full-length album, "Enemies of Progress", at the Art of Ears studio with Andy Ernst (AFI, Rancid, Green Day, Swingin' Utters, Nerve Agents). The album was released in November of 2001 and a US tour with Anti-Flag, Against All Authority, Thrice and Virus Nine shortly followed. 

Pipedown broke up in July of 2005 with members joining several different bands: Dance for Destruction, The Action Design, ihateourfreedom, and Forced Underground.


Reagan Squad was a punk band from Pittsburgh, we made great music, had great times, toured the country in a van, and rocked as hard as possible. All that being said, I really think it was just an excuse for best friends to hang out. Formed in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, six miles south of Pittsburgh,Dan Kost, Andy Wheeler,Dan DaCosta and Rick Wright first played together in 1993. While in 8th grade, these friends came to love punk rock and were influenced by the local high school bands at Mt. Lebanon High School during this time like Christmas of Torture that featured Rick's older brother and future Anti Flag member, Andy Wright on bass. the group begain practicing in Rick Wright's basement on Mayfair Lane almost daily after school, pounding out everything from Dinosaur Jr. covers to Neil Young covers and joke songs. However after some months of practice, the band began to form a set list of original songs that were recorded on a four track. By 1994, Anti Flag set up the first show for Reagan Squad at a small venue called Lucciano's Bistro near Duqusne University. The band played shows with Aus Rottin, Anti Flag, Press Gang, the 1985, Submachine,Crucial Unit and host of other Burgh bands at places such as the BeeHive, Cloud 9, Club Laga, and the Peach Pit. They recorded several home demos and in 1996, Reagan Squad self-released the What is Right 7" while appearing on the Iron City Punk II comp and other compilations. 

That same year, Rick Wright left the band and Kevin Metz took over in his place. Band practices were moved to Kevin's house where the group prepared for recording a CD on Anti-Flag's new A-F lable. At the same time, group had written brand new songs and recorded them at Duquesne University with Subha Das for his audio recording class project. the CD, the Golden Mile was released in 1998 and the liner notes mention, "This CD is the product of tons of people's help, lots of hard work, and Regain Squad's undying friendship." After a tour of the Northeast with Anti-Flag, and the Unseen. The band stopped playing in 1999. 

Now living in Philadelphia, Dan Kost, Andy Wheeler and Dan DaCosta still enjoy punk rock as much as they did years ago and remain the closest of brothers.


A-F Records’ first international signing is Austria’s RED LIGHTS FLASH, a punk four piece that have been touring Europe relentlessly. After playing several shows alongside ANTI-FLAG, the members of ANTI-FLAG were extremely impressed with the response RED LIGHTS FLASH received as well as the energy of their live set.


In a time when underground music has been watered down and spoon fed to the masses by music industry Chic-seekers, TABULA RASA thrust forth their cross-fertilization of post-punk, math rock and indie to put charged up underground rock music back where it belongs -- Into the hands of the fans who can distinguish the true believers from the impostors. Crafting energetic, creative, uncompromising music for the rock nonconformists, TABULA RASA hit the ground running in September of 2000 and instantly took their signature sound on the road and into the studio. The band honed their craft playing countless gigs and several releases: a 6 song EP (One Day Savior Recordings) as well as contributing a track to the highly acclaimed compilation, "The Emo Diaries - Chapter 7," on Deep Elm Records. 

"We were a 4 piece post-punk, post-hardcore, indie rock, math rock band from Pittsburgh, PA. We've shared the stage with several awesome band: Darkest Hour, Clearmotive, Rescue, Form of Rocket, Anti-Flag, A Static Lullaby, Rise Against, Against Me!, The Vacancy, ect... Tabula Rasa has some releases you should check out: Our self titled EP on One Day Savior Records / Our full length record called the "The Role of Smith" on A-F Records / A comic book and 7" put out by Killing Cupid / Plus several compilation tracks as well. Andrew and Rob are playing in a band called Knot Feeder with Mike Banfield (ex-Don Caballero). Please check us out at www.myspace.com/knotfeeder. Thanks for staying in touch, even after all the inactivity. If anyone wants to get in touch please go to the Knot Feeder website. Take Care, Rob"


Energetic, in-your-face melodic riffs intertwined with positive politically and socially conscious messages are the names of the game for Pittsburgh punk rockers, THE CODE. Their raw, honest and tangible rhetoric combined with powerful sing-along melodies have the ability to get the most jaded punk rock fans to stand up and take notice. One listen to their debut A-F Records CD, "Alert, Awared, Involved," (recorded at the legendary Sonic Iguana Studios in Lafayette, IN by Mass Giorgini) will remind all fans of the genre as to why they fell in love with punk rock in the first place, both musically and ethically. No facades, no pretensions - The Code deliver their music with the honesty and spirit that punk rock was founded upon many years ago and they will proudly carry those traditions onward for years to come. On their appearance on the recently completed North American "Mobilize for Peace" tour, The Code proved to be a band worthy of the praise which has earned them distinction as "one of the east coast's most promising underground punk bands!", courtesy of ANTI-FLAG's bassist Chris "#2". The Code have made an impact in the local scene thanks to their undying punk spirit and no-holds-barred approach to keeping the spirit of '77 alive in the New Millennium without succumbing to the polished and vapid trends which have infiltrated the current punk scene. An emphasis on solid songwriting with catchy and memorable songs has helped propel The Code as one of the fastest rising bands on the East Coast. As more and more fans are realizing that The Code truly do deserve the praise they have recieved, "Alert, Aware, Involved" may very well become a primary influence for countless bands to come.


The Methadones began in the early 90's, and feature Dan Schafer-lead vocals and guitar, Pete-Bass, and Mike Byrne-lead guitar. Originally formed as a side band to jam with, Dan (who was in Screeching Weasel at the time) was too busy to dedicate full-time to the Methadones. Different line-up changes through the 90's and sporadic shows whenever the band members could find time due to commitments from other bands caused the Methadones to be forever put on the back burner. 

In April of 2000 word was out on the streets that the Methadones were not only coming back, but they where going to be a full-time band. Dan decided that he was going to put the Methadones together and make it work. Talking to Pete who was with the Methadones since 1993, they wondered who they could get to play lead guitar and drums. After a few months it was decided that Mike who recently left the band he was playing with would now be with the Methadones.


HEART ATTACK is their debut full-length out now on A-F Records.
Produced by Chris 2 of Anti-Flag.

Fiercely DIY from their inception, The Vacancy have made a solid name for themselves through endless touring and self-promotion. The Vacancy have toured the US with bands such as Anti-Flag, Against Me!, A Static Lullaby, Rise Against, None More Black, & Darkest Hour. While sharing the stage with Boys Night Out, Lamb Of God, Alexisonfire, The Code, Much The Same, Pipedown, Thought Riot, Burning West, Isadora, Breaking Pangaea, and many more.


Thought Riot started in the summer of ’97 with Bryan on bass, Ben drums, and Marc on guitar/ vocals after the break-up of a previous band Piss Off!. Right from the start the two goals of the band were to write the best music possible and be a source of information regarding concerns we observed in the political structure and society around. We primarily played the Merced to Stockton region and recorded things here and there (none of which ever came to see the mixing/mastering process). In the winter of ’97 a line-up change took place. Bryan to moved to lead vocals, Marc returned to just playing guitar, Mike came in to play bass, and Josh became the second guitarist. Now a five-piece, we played a few more shows but by the summer of ’98 Bryan was out. A demo was recorded shortly after – Our Six Best Takes – which was short lived due to Ben's, and then Josh’s, departure in ’99. This left Marc and Mike, sitting around with hopes of a future time when the band would once again be a band. Things started happening in the spring of 2000. Kelley (guitar) joined the band and soon after Brian (guitar) and Brad (drums), from the Stockton band Stepdown. Marc laid down the guitar and took up the role of lead vocalist, and so it stands. In the summer of '00 we completed a 4 song project, our first real demo, at the Art of Ears in Hayward, Ca. It’s titled Bright Dreams for a Dark World and it received great feedback. In the early months of '01, we were contacted by the guys in Anti-Flag, who run a label called A-F Records. We started talking and then a few "short" months later we finished talks and signed with them. In October and November of '01 we returned to the Art of Ears and recorded Shattered Mirror Syndrome, our debut full-length release. After the A-F Records "Mobilize for Peace" Tour Thought Riot and Brad and Brian Stark parted ways. Adam Parker (Before 20, Sepsis) joined the ranks. Bryan Harrison filled in and played guitar for the A-F Records West Coast "Focus" Tour, before becoming a full time member shortly after that. About the political side of the band; we fashion our songs critiques, meant not in the vein of we are right and you are wrong, but in the spirit of inspiring conversation. If our lyrics and music get people talking about issues and the like, regardless of whether or not they agree or disagree, then we feel like we’ve accomplished something to be proud of. 3 of the 5 members are vegetarian and interested in Animal Rights and environmental issues. For the most part we are a drug-free band; HOWEVER, only 2 members are actually "straight edge" and we are in no way a "straight edge band". For a better idea of groups, ideas, causes that we relate to please visit the links page and checkout some of the sites there. Not all songs however are strictly on the political side and we have songs about the pains and joys of living a full life. Life is not all politics and rhetoric, and we fully understand this. It's hard to care about the suffering of a people a whole world away when you're having relationship problems/work stress/living difficulties/health issues and the list goes on. Most people are not hardcore activists and they don't want to be. We don't pretend to be, but all of us can always do little things within the sphere of our world to contribute to the overall good of the whole planet. And sometimes just having the strength and courage to live the way you want to live can be the best thing you can do.


VIRUS NINE’s sophomore A-F CD, "Blastin’ Away", was produced by Duane Peters of U.S. BOMBS/THE HUNNS fame. In support of "Blastin’ Away", VIRUS NINE played several West Coast shows with label mates ENDLESS STRUGGLE as well as STATCH AND THE RAPES.


Even though Chris #2 was extremely busy recording and touring with ANTI-FLAG, his other band Whatever It Takes did manage to put out two releases, both on A-F Records, and play some shows. Whatever It Takes re-released two older releases, the "Stars and Skulls EP" and "A Fistful of Revolution" together on one disc, and a split EP with friends and label mates THE CODE. Check out the online catalog to pick up either of those releases, and you can also find the split EP on vinyl in our catalog. Unfortunately for all W.I.T fans out there, W.I.T. is no more. Due to the members' conflicting schedules there just wasn't time for it any longer, so those two releases will be the last things available by the band. 


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