Welcome to A-F Records

About Us

A-F Records is a punk rock record label started by Pat Thetic, Chris Head, and Justin Sane of Anti-Flag.

2 reasons. First, we love punk rock music and love being involved with the punk rock community. Second, we believe music can be a powerful tool for positive change, therefore, we thought that starting a record label might help get that positive message onto the streets.

We started Anti-Flag in order to play music we love while putting out a message that we believe in very strongly. Our hope is that in some way, no matter how large or small, our music will have a positive impact on the world, our society, or someone's life. The goal of A-F Records is very much the same. We are working to: A) raise and donate proceeds from sales of certain releases to charity, and B) release and promote bands who address social and global problems in their music or who at least strive to be a part of/or support the underground community.

It wasn't easy because we had very little money to start a record label. Fortunately, there was a demand for a previously released but now out of print Anti-Flag split cd with Vancouver's d.b.s. titled, "North America Sucks". Therefore, we put together some new art work, combined the 9 songs from "North America Sucks" with 10 previously unreleased songs, and with some money we borrowed from friends and family we released the new collection of art and songs under the title, "Their System Doesn't Work For You". As money slowly came in from sales of, "Their System Doesn't Work For You", we paid back our loans, bought a computer, and set up a very cramped office between our amps and instruments in our practice space. Next, keeping in mind the original intentions of the label, we approached two bands that we felt were socially conscious(i.e. Reagan Squad from Pittsburgh, and The Unseen from Boston). Each band quickly released full lengths on A-F Records. With three successful full length releases under our belt but still under a tight budget, we set out best as we could to raise money for charity. The first step was a compilation release featuring A-F Records band's titled, "East Coast Punk". Proceeds from this compilation were donated to a local battered womyn and children's shelter but because of budget restraints the compilation was released only on cassette and distributed via shows that A-F Records bands played.